If/Then Week 3 // If Jesus Is The Bread Of Life, Then You Can Be Satisfied

Week 3: Do you ever wish life felt more like an epic movie? Filled with moments where the hero wins, the guy gets the girl, and everyone rides off into the sunset together? Unfortunately, we all know those moments are usually saved for the big screen. Real life just isn’t jam-packed with those incredible movie […]

If/Then Week 2 // If Jesus Is The Good Shepherd, Then You Are In Good Hands

Week 2: Have you ever been overcome with awkwardness or embarrassment? Sometimes the whole idea of God can make us feel that way. We’re afraid of what God really thinks of us or how He will feel when we mess up. So we avoid going to church, praying, or getting closer to God to keep […]

If/Then Week 1 // If He is Who He Says He is, Then I Will Follow His Lead

Week 1: If someone asked you to picture Jesus in your mind, what would He look like to you? No matter how you see Him, chances are the image you have of Jesus probably comes from a lot of places—things you’ve heard, stories you’ve read, or pictures you’ve seen depicting Him. While those images may […]

YFN Camp // June 19th – June 23rd 2017 for 8th-12th Grade Students

YFN registration is now open! We have limited spots so register your student today. ABOUT YFN Students will be attending Youth For the Nations Camp WEEK 2 in Dallas, Texas on the campus of Christ For the Nations on June 19th – 23rd, 2017. Youth For The Nations AWAKENS hearts to freedom and to demonstrate […]

KAMP // June 5th – 9th 2017 for 6th & 7th Grade Students

We have already announced our partnership with multiple youth ministries in the area to participate in “Kamp” with our Junior High Students. We are so excited for the opportunity to be able to be a part of the youth of Katy coming together to seek and worship God, and just have a blast. As I […]

Pine Cove :: Service Project :: 03.17-19.2017

KCF Student Ministry will be serving Pine Cove, Columbus, TX on March 17th-19th.  Only 10 Students can participate in this service project and all participants must be 14 years or older.  The first 10 can participate, the others will be put on a waiting list.  We will meet @ the Church @ 3:00 P.M. on […]

I’m In Week 4 // Following Jesus Starts With a Step

I’m In Week 4 — Following Jesus starts with a step. When faced with a decision in your life, have you ever stopped to ask yourself this question: is it worth it or not? Maybe for you it was something simple, like trying to decide if you wanted that second helping of dessert or if […]

I Believe Girls Conference // March 3rd – 4th

Girls Conference at Kingsland Baptist Church  March 3rd-4th  \\  Cost $35 Calling all 6th-12th grade girls to join us for a time of good food, sweet worship & teaching, a few crazy games, and time together as we spend the night at Kingsland! Cost includes t-shirt, dinner, snacks, breakfast, speaker, and worship leader. REGISTER Here […]

Subs For Super Bowl

Going to or throwing a Super Bowl Party?! Want to serve something delicious AND support something awesome at the same time? Katy Fellowship Student Ministry can help you with that! Sunday after church we will be working hard to make 50 2 foot Sub sandwiches for Super Bowl parties everywhere! We are working our hardest […]

I’m In Week 3 // Don’t Let Doubt Keep You Out

I’m In Week 3 — Don’t let doubt keep you out. Have you ever known someone who tells the truth no matter what? One of those people who can’t help but be honest even when the outcome might not be great? We all probably know someone whose honesty has gotten them (and maybe even us) […]