Stepping Up :: Wall Street

Stepping Up Week 3: Wall Street — God knows what He’s doing, so keep walking. Most of us probably hated being told what to do when we were growing up. Even if you weren’t a hardcore rebel, you still probably didn’t like being ordered around, especially if the order made no sense to you. Being […]

Stepping Up :: Who Am I?

Stepping Up Week 2: Who Am I? — Who God is matters more than who you’re not. Who are you? Have you ever thought about how you’d answer that question? A long time ago people were known by a label that went with their name. Alexander the Great. Richard the Lion Heart. Winnie the Pooh. […]

Stepping Up :: Minority Report

Stepping Up Week 1: Minority Report — Stepping up = seeing God in your situation. What makes you nervous? Is it speaking in front of people? Starting on the basketball team? Asking someone on a date? Whatever it is, there’s a pretty good chance that it has to do with one thing: failure. We’re all […]