Plot Twist :: Because He is with me, I’ll be okay either way

Plot Twist Week 3: #FOMO— Because He is with me, I’ll be okay either way. How is it that social media can provide us with both the best and worst parts of our day? On one hand it’s fun to check in and see what’s happening with your friends or laugh at a funny comment […]

Plot Twist :: God Gets You

Plot Twist Week 2: God gets you. Everyone loves a superhero story. A regular person with regular abilities has a regular life that everyone sees in one way and then suddenly—plot twist! Something happens and that seemingly regular person develops a special power and becomes someone different. What’s interesting is that even as we get […]

Plot Twist :: Life Isn’t Over

Plot Twist Week 1: Life Isn’t Over—Even when there’s trouble, you can trust Him. Have you ever gotten really involved in a TV show or book series only to be blind-sided by a major plot twist? Things are going totally fine until the main character gets into an awful accident, becomes friends with the villain, […]