For The Win :: Give Me More

Session 4: Give Me More — Generosity gets you what selfishness never will. Would you like to upgrade your phone? Of course you would! What about your wardrobe? How about a better car or a bigger house? Chances are you said yes to all the above. We all love to get more and better stuff. […]

For The Win :: Everything Gets Its Start From The Heart

Session 3: Bad Date — Everything gets its start from your heart. Nobody wants to be bad at dating. In fact, most of us would say we want to be good at it. You want to be successful when it comes to hanging out with people you’re romantically interested in. You want to be impressive […]

For The Win :: I’m Gonna

Session 2: “I’m Gonna” — Doing takes you where talking won’t. We all love to talk about what we’re going to do. Maybe you plan to get your grades up or make varsity this year. Maybe you’re going to finally clean out your room or finish the history paper that’s still sitting on your desk. […]

For The Win :: Gentle > Harsh

For the Win Week 1 : Gentle > Harsh Whitewater Rafting — Gentle > Harsh. Have you ever been whitewater rafting? It’s a blast. You jump in a boat with your friends and make your way down a river, laughing and splashing along the way. But there’s also something terrifying that can happen—rapids. There are […]