KAMP // June 5th – 9th 2017 for 6th & 7th Grade Students

We have already announced our partnership with multiple youth ministries in the area to participate in “Kamp” with our Junior High Students. We are so excited for the opportunity to be able to be a part of the youth of Katy coming together to seek and worship God, and just have a blast. As I explained before, I have been anxiously awaiting the information that was needed to begin signup online for Kamp. That information was just recently posted and is now available to us. Sign ups have begun! YAY!
The dates for early bird registration are due quicker than anticipated and were not available until just recently. For that, I do apologize. If you have any questions concerning that, please let me know. We are doing everything possible to make sure as many students that want to come to Kamp, are able to.
Below is the information that is posted on the Kamp webpage as of today. They have informed me that it is updated periodically with information concerning Kamp and dates that will be helpful. So feel free to check as needed. I will do my best to keep you updated as we continue to raise money for our students and any other information that I am aware of. However the link is for you to also have the information as quickly as possible.
Kamp for KCF students who have completed 6th-7th grade
Monday, June 5 – Friday, June 9
Pineywoods Camp

Kamp provides a time for students to unplug and grow through worship, teaching, and small group time with their peers and leaders, as well as have a lot of fun through rec games and activities!
Important Dates:
• Through April 9 – earlybird registration $400 ($150 deposit)
• April 10-May 24 – registration $450 ($200 deposit)
• May 14 – scholarship applications deadline
• May 24 – registration deadline
• May 24 – parent meeting & balances paid in full
• June 11 – Kamp Reflections – 6-7:30pm Worship Center

Important Links:
6th-7th Grade Student Registration
Pay Balance
Pineywoods Medication Rules & Guidelines

Camp this year is going to be powerful and life changing. We can not wait to see what God has in store for your student! There will be more information headed your way about what to pack ect.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Courtney Egan
Katy Fellowship’s Student Pastor

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