If/Then Week 1 // If He is Who He Says He is, Then I Will Follow His Lead

Week 1: If someone asked you to picture Jesus in your mind, what would He look like to you? No matter how you see Him, chances are the image you have of Jesus probably comes from a lot of places—things you’ve heard, stories you’ve read, or pictures you’ve seen depicting Him. While those images may have some truth to them, they’re not always completely accurate. And sometimes they leave us wondering if who Jesus really is lives up to all the hype. The good news is that Jesus didn’t leave us guessing who He is. Instead, He gave us the next best thing to actually knowing Him on Earth— His words and actions. As we look this week at some of the things Jesus said about Himself in the Bible, we’ll not only get a better picture of who He is, but also discover that who He is, is worth following.


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