Hello My Name Is Week 1 // What God Says About You Is The Most Important Thing About You

Who are you, really? It’s an important question because who you think you are can decide a lot about your life. This week we’ll discover that when it comes to really understanding who we are, the most important voice we can listen to is God’s.

Know God Week 2 // Prayer Helps Us Know God Better

Have you ever prayed for something and felt like you got absolutely nothing from God? If you have, you’re not alone! But what if prayer isn’t just about getting what we want? This week, we’ll discover that maybe the best way we can view prayer is to see it as a way of growing closer […]

Know God Week 1 // Creation Points To The Creator

Week 1: Sometimes the thought of doing something that will help us know God better leaves us less than excited. But if you change the way you approach getting to know God, you might be surprised at what you discover! Last Sunday, we saw that one way we can know God better is by looking […]

Who Needs Christmas? Week 1 // The Entire World Needs Christmas

Week 1: The Christmas story is full of remarkable moments. But did you know that the Christmas story really kicked off about 2,000 years before the birth of Jesus? This week, we’ll take a look at what happened in those years—the promises, trials, and victories—that all pointed to one thing: The world needed Christmas.  

If/Then Week 3 // If Jesus Is The Bread Of Life, Then You Can Be Satisfied

Week 3: Do you ever wish life felt more like an epic movie? Filled with moments where the hero wins, the guy gets the girl, and everyone rides off into the sunset together? Unfortunately, we all know those moments are usually saved for the big screen. Real life just isn’t jam-packed with those incredible movie […]

If/Then Week 2 // If Jesus Is The Good Shepherd, Then You Are In Good Hands

Week 2: Have you ever been overcome with awkwardness or embarrassment? Sometimes the whole idea of God can make us feel that way. We’re afraid of what God really thinks of us or how He will feel when we mess up. So we avoid going to church, praying, or getting closer to God to keep […]

If/Then Week 1 // If He is Who He Says He is, Then I Will Follow His Lead

Week 1: If someone asked you to picture Jesus in your mind, what would He look like to you? No matter how you see Him, chances are the image you have of Jesus probably comes from a lot of places—things you’ve heard, stories you’ve read, or pictures you’ve seen depicting Him. While those images may […]

I’m In Week 4 // Following Jesus Starts With a Step

I’m In Week 4 — Following Jesus starts with a step. When faced with a decision in your life, have you ever stopped to ask yourself this question: is it worth it or not? Maybe for you it was something simple, like trying to decide if you wanted that second helping of dessert or if […]

I’m In Week 3 // Don’t Let Doubt Keep You Out

I’m In Week 3 — Don’t let doubt keep you out. Have you ever known someone who tells the truth no matter what? One of those people who can’t help but be honest even when the outcome might not be great? We all probably know someone whose honesty has gotten them (and maybe even us) […]

Jr. High and High School Girls Dance Class

I am very excited to announce a new opportunity for girls in our Student Ministry. A good friend of mine (and recent new Katy Community Fellowship member) Sarah Leifeste is going to teach a worship dance class here at KCF. Below is a note from Sarah and a little about who she is. For any […]